Caraway Vs Greenpan: Which Is Better

Professional chefs and culinary novices alike are always on guard for cookware that assists them in producing mouthwatering results.

The most excellent cookware brands deliver a wide diversity of vessels in numerous shapes and sizes that are created with significant materials such as cast iron, hard-anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic. 

Also, many cookware commodities underline non-stick coverings to decrease the time and effort in cleanup chores.

In the cookware battle for supremacy, however, two products stand out. And chefs worldwide always wonder which is best between the two. That is what leads to the topic of caraway vs greenpan.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

What is Caraway Cookware?

Caraway Cookware has been in existence since 2018. Since its takeoff, the company has earned credit from trusted journals in the country.

The company is recognized for its catchphrase “Cookware Without the Chemicals.” The group lives up to this core statement by utilizing environment-friendly ceramic coating in making its sets.

Caraway Cookware is created with heavy-gauge aluminum.

Aluminum is an outstanding heat conductor, which renders it an excellent substance for manufacturing cookware. 

The aluminum is enclosed with a mineral-based ceramic coating and is lead, cadmium, and PTFE (Teflon) free so that it doesn’t leave toxic chemicals in your food.

The pots and pans have a stainless-steel bottom and grips, which makes them more reliable and simpler to handle. Let’s discuss the benefits shortly.

Benefits of Caraway Cookware

  • Distributes heat fast and evenly.
  • Ceramic cookware with an aluminum core can carry and maintain heat quite well. Caraway pots and pans are best at this.
  • All Caraway sets are oven-safe and can withstand heat up to 550 degrees F. Their cookware is also consistent with a broad spectrum of stovetop varieties.

What is GreenPan Cookware?

GreenPan is an internationally distinguished Belgian cookware denomination that has been in business since 2007, so it is way older than caraway. 

Wim De Veirman and Jan Helskens founded the cookware colossus.

GreenPan cookware is created with aluminum coated with a ceramic non-stick coating identified as Thermolon. 

Thermolon is formulated with sand secondhand and was developed around 10 years ago. 

It is utilized on the body of the pans to make a non-stick covering that is PFAS and chemical-free. The coating is also more environmentally acceptable to develop than conventional non-stick pans, utilizing less CO2

It also maintains heat resistance, even at elevated temperatures, without generating toxic steam. 

GreenPan’s cookware sets arrive in detached and pastel colors, including gray, black, turquoise, and light blue. You can also choose to purchase their unpainted ceramic set.

The pots and pans have reliable anodized bodies. 

Some packs have oven-safe stainless-steel grips, while others are created with rubbers. The sets arrive in look-glass lids. Let’s look through the benefits quickly.

Benefits of GreenPan Cookware

  • Hard-Anodized aluminum heat plate.
  • Because its bottom and physique are created with aluminum, GreenPan cookware components are outstanding conductors of heat, just like Caraways.
  • The unique thing, nevertheless, is that GreenPan utilizes hard-anodized aluminum, a treated, more chemically reliable, less porous, and none food reactive structure to develop a surface that is stronger, tougher, and smoother. 
  • GreenPan Cookware has an energy-efficient installation base that functions well on all stovetops. It has Magneto induction technology that enables pots and pans to heat rapidly and evenly.
  • Like Caraway, each GreenPan piece assists you in saving energy as you don’t require a massive portion of heat when cooking.
  • The cookware’s oven-safe holds are estimated to be up to 400 degrees F (or 200 degrees Celsius).

Caraway vs Greenpan: Price & Value

Even though it’s crucial that you check the price, occasionally, items with more considerable costs also deliver an outstanding value. At this point, we’ll be taking a closer look at what you’re receiving from each and how that explains its significance.

Since Caraway is identified for its Cookware Set of $395 (from $495), that’s what we’ll be checking first. 

It holds together four of its best-selling pots and pans, three lids, and one holding receptacle for a sum of eight pieces. 

When we disintegrate the regular price per piece, it pans out to about $49.

Buyers state that even though they admire the integrity of the pots, the storage rack is what renders this set so precious, enabling them easy access. 

Folks that obtain more from their pots and pans understand it has a more excellent value.

However, customer response about Caraway Cookware’s integrity is commonly favorable. Comments about strength, aluminized steel grips, and the pans’ non-toxic character also offer them integrity.

They are dishwasher safe, simple to tidy up, and have the power to be thrown in the oven. From what we’ve read, this brand seems to be effective, outstanding, and long-lasting.

That brings us to Greenpan. 

We’ll check its Cookware Set $499 for a balanced comparison. The set comprises seven pots and pans, three lids, and three pan keepers, or eleven pieces count, with a regular price of $45 per piece.

You’ll obtain a similar non-toxic guarantee between categories, but Greenpan is created from recycled aluminum (which brings the word “Green”). 

This brand goes over Caraway’s 1-year term with an exclusive lifetime assurance.

Caraway Cookware Set vs. Greenpan Cookware Set: Which Set is of a Higher Value? 

Well, when you check out each price per piece, Caraway and Greenpan both have comparable expenses, though you’re receiving a bigger set with the latter.

When it gets to the value of a product, it’s crucial to have in mind that, frequently, quality is in the eye of the beholder. 

The Cookware Set’s assessment segment indicates high counts for integrity across statements, with remarks of pans that cook rapidly. 

Customers state they recognize the view of Greenpan cookware, but we will confess we didn’t see it as frequently as we did for Caraway.

Which set is of more outstanding quality? 

Like I’ve said, when you check the prices per piece, Caraway and Greenpan both have comparable costs, though you’re obtaining a larger set with the latter. 

But then again, perhaps pan protectors aren’t a significant pact to you, and you’d instead have something gorgeous on your countertop.

Which is Better, Caraway or GreenPan?

It’s tough to select the better brand because both businesses deliver the comfort of non-stick cookware without the chemical-coatings, and each has its central powers.

GreenPan gives a tremendous variety of choices as it has many cookware sets to select from. So, if you’re very specific about the cookware pieces that you need, or you like to have variation, GreenPan could be the best alternative for you.

They also utilize hard-anodized aluminum to render their cookware more robust and less reactive to the food. This implies that their pots and pans could have an extended lifespan than other cookware denominations.

Nonetheless, some GreenPan customers discovered that the non-stick covering wore off sooner than they would have expected. How long the coating lasts also hinges on how well you can sustain the set.

Caraway Cookware, however, has just one symbol cookware set, which they are famous for because of its ingenious structure.

It feels like originator cookware, but the design characteristics also have an objective. 

The rolled pan spattering edges, ergonomic grips, and meshing and loosed lids can make your cooking more straightforward and more desirable.

Caraway offers functional appliances that come accessible with their cookware sets, like the material lid holders and the gripping pan racks.

Despite the distinctions between them, both denominations deliver pans that are exempt from toxins and chemicals like PFOA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium.

In doing so, they have both evolved two of the best alternatives for non-toxic pots and pans that are also non-stick, so either one would be a great choice to attempt.

After all, dwelling in health begins with cooking in a healthy pan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy An Individual Caraway Pan?

Yes, you can purchase single pans. Nonetheless, you can regain 14% by buying the entire Caraway Cookware set.

Will Caraway Cookware Warp?

It’s debatable for Caraway Cookware to deform, but it’s still feasible if you leave it to rapid changes in temperature. Position a boiling pan in a sink with frigid water.

What Types Of Utensils Can I Use With Caraway Cookware?

Utilizing silicone, nylon, plastic, wooden, and non-abrasive utensils is advised to maintain the quality of the non-stick ceramic exterior.

How Long Does GreenPan Last?

GreenPan should last for many years if cared for rightly. Still, some customers discovered that their pans missed their non-stick personalities after just 4 months. 

This could be a situation of the pans being scrubbed too abrasively, so we would always propose following the cleaning procedures.

Is GreenPan Safe To Cook Food For Pets?

Yes, GreenPan cookware pieces are entirely safe to utilize in cooking food for your pets, even food for birds. They don’t discharge toxic stenches at all, so they can be used to cook for precisely anyone or anything. 


I hope you found this short article on Caraway vs Greenpan practical. At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference and choice. 

Both brands are excellent choices, and they have unique features.

Thank you for reading!