How Long Can Lunchables Sit Out?

Lunchables are helpful, pre-packaged meals that are excellent for parents who are constantly on the go.

From stackable snacks to kid-approved sandwiches and even delightful treats for after soccer exercise, Lunchables has made mealtime simple with these simple eatables.

However, several parents like me think, how long can a Lunchable sit out? They can last for up to 3 to 4 hours after you have unpacked them. Let’s proceed.

What are Lunchables?

Lunchables are a type of food and mainly snacks, and it was produced in Chicago by Kraft Heinz. It is a full feed for the kids and evening snacks for the adults. 

Lots of people like Lunchables, and you can buy them from virtually every other shop in the US.

How Long Can Lunchables Sit Out?

Lunchable meals can be left out at room temperature for three and four hours. 

But then, the USDA and FDA report that perishable foods should stay at room temperature for nothing higher than two hours.

The recommendation you prefer notwithstanding, it is always adequate to use an insulated lunch bag with ice stacks to retain your children’s foods’ maximum condition. 

This will also improve the assurance of their security. 

While freezing may appear like a modest treatment for keeping the meal cool for longer intervals, the company warns against it. If you decide to disobey this advice, make a point to eliminate the included beverage, which could blow up when it freezes. 

Also, be ready for composition and consistency alterations in the food.

What is crucial to recall is that no matter which Lunchable you select — the Pizza with Pepperoni, the Nachos, Cheese Dip + Salsa, or the ever-popular Ham + Cheddar with Crackers — these protocols should always be obeyed.

Every Lunchables meal comprises some variety of perishable components, so spoiling can become a problem. As a parent, it is in your position to take these suggestions into reflection. 

You can conclude what is adequate for your child.

Since cold storage is an adequate technique for conservation, many parents speculate that freezing is a wonderful treatment that will enable the Lunchable to sit out for longer. 

This is, however, regrettably not the situation. 

Freezing Lunchables Products

Lunchables should never be frozen. 

While you can specifically freeze particular ingredients, like Oscar Mayer meats, other foods will not thrive quite nicely in these kinds of severe temperatures. 

This is particularly factual of the products that comprise a beverage. 

Because of the expansion that happens in the cold conditions, these drink pouches will blow up in these conditions.

Furthermore, food commodities like crackers, specific meats, bread derivatives, and salsa will encounter modifications in composition and consistency.

This can turn out to be a huge difficulty for parents with selective eaters. 

Similarly, discarding the products that do not freeze well removes the nicety of the pre-packaged meal.

This could also result in the seal breach on other portions of the container, in turn leading to spoilage.

Insulated Lunch Bags And Ice Packs For Lunchables

Protecting your kids’ food begins with the packaging. A brown bag is an excellent alternative for non-perishable things.

Therefore, an insulated lunch bag is a tremendous tool for sustaining an excellent temperature for foods that are expected to stay cool. 

Nevertheless, just like with a fridge, you will require both a compartment to keep the food and a way to stimulate the chill temperatures.

Therefore, you must also acquire an ice pack to maintain the food chilliness.

Have it in mind that the bigger the meal, the more ice packs you will require. Normally, it is adequate to have one positioned on each flank of the Lunchable for optimal cooling.

“With an insulated lunch box and a chilled freezer gel pack, perishable food can stay cold and safe to eat until lunch.

You can find reusable cold sources at the store (right next to the lunch boxes) or make your own by filling a water bottle or plastic container with water and freezing it.” 

It is crucial to point out that even when utilizing this storage technique if your child does not consume their Lunchable meal and enables it to stay out for the whole school day or longer, Kraft Heinz suggests tossing it out. 

This is also the situation if the meal is left out overnight.

Lunchable Products That Can Sit Out

As you already know, anything acquired from the refrigerator category in your local grocery or comfort store has to linger in cold storage so it can remain safe to eat.

Nonetheless, the company has a streak of Lunchable snack commodities that can sit out without the concern of spoilage!

Lunchables Snacks like Cookie Dunks and S’mores Dippers are related to the 90’s beloved, Dunkaroos. These delightful treats are shelf-stable and do not need cold temperatures to stay fresh and ready to consume.

Best Freezing Practices For Lunchables 

Like I said, freezing Lunchables is not recommended. 

However, for the parents who choose to forsake the company’s guidance, ensure to eliminate any drinks before freezing.

Secondly, freeze the Lunchable before the “Best By” date. 

Recollect that there will be modifications in texture and thickness in some of the components once the meal has softened. Therefore, the less time that the Lunchables persist in the freezer, the more adequate you will be.

Also, do not freeze these commodities for any more than two months. And, in order to curb these kinds of differences, melt the products gradually.

Position the feed in the fridge 24 hours before you give it to your child to eat. Also, ensure to borrow it within three to four days of defrosting. 

NOTE! Never allow your Lunchable to sit out on the counter to thaw. This can bring harmful bacteria development and the danger of foodborne ailments.

Making Your Own Lunchable Meals

For the parents who are extra health-conscious, there are sufficiently easy substitutes to put together!

Smuckers Uncrustables and Gogurt are delightful and kid-approved meal elements that can be frozen and then tossed literally into a lunch box before the kids go off to school. 

By lunchtime, they will be okay to consume! 

Smuckers remarks that “unrefrigerated Uncrustables Sandwiches should be eaten within 6-8 hours of thawing.” This puts a much bigger window for protected consumption.

Also, LARABAR Kids, string cheese, veggie crisps, Rice Krispie Treats, and fruits like oranges and bananas are easy solutions for those parents who are always in a dash!

Best of all, many of these commodities can sit out for longer than two hours, rendering them an excellent substitute for Lunchable meals.

Worthy of acknowledging is that, when acquired in bulk, the all-around price of your kid’s lunch will be largely reduced! 

Stocks like Costco and Sam’s Club have outstanding, healthy, and cheap lunch alternatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat a Lunchable that has been left out?

It depends. If it has been left out for longer than 4 hours, then you shouldn’t eat it.

How long do Lunchables last in the fridge?

It isn’t advised to keep your Lunchable in the fridge.

Where is the expiration date on a Lunchable?

When it gets to Lunchables, you don’t see any expiration dates. You just enjoy your food till you want no more.

Why shouldn’t you eat Lunchables?

A general issue is that Lunchables have too much sodium and saturated fat. 

Is it weird for adults to eat Lunchables?

There’s an unspoken agreement that Lunchables are for kids, not adults, but that is unfounded.

Adults can very much eat Lunchables.

What kind of ham is in Lunchables?

Oscar Mayer Lean Ham Slices


Lunchables will go bad if you refrigerate them for more than a few hours. Fortunately, insulated boxes or containers are a simple remedy to this difficulty.

You wouldn’t need to refrigerate them at all.

So how long can Lunchables sit out? It is just a thing of hours if you don’t take the necessary precautions.