16 Best Vegan Pasta Recipes

Isn’t pasta one of the best foods out there? There are so many ways that you can prepare your pasta.

Not to mention how many varieties of pasta there are to explore. Pasta night is our favorite day of the week, and we never tire of finding new recipes to try out. 

Not only are the following vegan pasta recipes all delicious and bound to spice up your mealtimes, but they’re also all vegan-friendly! 

Choose one of these recipes for your main meal any day of the week, ensuring that you’re satisfied with a tasty meal as well as wholesome ingredients. Pasta dishes are quick and always fan favorites, so what’s not to love? 

So, take your pick of the bunch below and bookmark this page so that you can come back time and time again to try something new.

Best Vegan Pasta Recipes

1. Cherry Tomato Pasta Salad

This recipe uses only five ingredients and is positively bursting with flavor.

You can whip this pasta recipe up within 10 minutes, making it ideal for those warm summer nights where you don’t want to waste time cooking over a hot stove. 

The cherry tomato pasta salad is quick, easy, and always a hit with adults and children alike. You might even have all of the ingredients already in your cupboards! 

2. Mushroom and Spinach Pasta

This vegan pasta is full of healthy ingredients such as vegetables, pine nuts, and nutritional yeast.

Each ingredient offers a lovely flavor that compliments one another and gives a great mixture of hard and soft textures. 

Any dish that has pine nuts in it is a winner for us. They’re a great source of protein and healthy fats, filling you up for longer than a simple salad. 

3. Potato Pasta

Potato past is an excellent dish to make out of leftovers in your kitchen. You can make it in one pot to save from washing up, with a few budget-friendly ingredients and less than half an hour of preparation and cooking time. 

This dish is native to Southern Italy and shows how easy it is to make a delicious dish out of humble ingredients. Plus, the dish is almost completely fat-free! 

4. Chickpea Pasta

Chickpeas are excellent sources of nutrients and plant-based protein, making them the ideal staple for vegans.

You can make this dish within 30 minutes for little money per serving. The creaminess of the chickpeas makes this an excellent dish to warm you up throughout the year. 

Add lots of spices and seasoning to your chickpea pasta to enhance the flavor. You can change these up every time you make it so that you never tire of the staple chickpea pasta. 

5. Creamy Pasta Salad

Don’t be put off by the word ‘creamy’ in the name of this recipe, as it is still vegan-friendly! This pasta dish is perfect for the summer thanks to the colorful vegetables used within.

The ingredients produce a great mixture between crunch and soft pasta, all coming together underneath a creamy tahini salad dressing. 

6. Tikka Masala Pasta Bake

Pasta bake is a comforting meal as the weather gets colder. You can even eat it cold during the summer!

This tikka masala pasta bake is something that we’ve never heard of before, but once we made it we couldn’t stop thinking about when we were going to have it again! 

The cheesy top is a lovely change from most vegan dishes, offering you the ability to enjoy all of the taste without consuming any animal products. 

7. Garlic and Olive Oil Spaghetti

Next up is a simple Italian pasta recipe that can be made incredibly cheaply thanks to its short ingredients list.

The smell of this pasta is just as delicious as the flavor, so all of your senses will be getting a treat with this dish.

Another pasta recipe for summer, you can make this recipe within 10 minutes. Sprinkling some chili flakes over the top of the pasta will take the taste to a whole new level. 

8. Marinara Spaghetti

Enjoy a simple pasta dish topped with canned tomatoes, spices, garlic, and olive oil. Once again, this is a great cheap meal that you can usually make from ingredients in your pantry.

Within just 20 minutes you’ll have a lovely Southern Italian dish that is bound to be a fan favorite among your peers. 

It might be tempting to purchase a marinara sauce from the store and stir it right into your spaghetti, but this recipe is much more enjoyable and flavorful than any store brand.

Plus, it’s almost as easy and just as cheap!

9. Vegan Vodka Pasta

Adding vodka to pasta makes it incredibly delicious, creamy, and enjoyable.

Top it up with plenty of garlic, tomatoes, coconut milk, and olive oil and you have an amazing pasta dish that you can enjoy throughout the year.

With just five ingredients you can make a gorgeously tangy and creamy pasta dish. Plus, it’s vegan-friendly! 

10. One-Pot Pesto Pasta with Peas and Asparagus

Making pesto with peas and asparagus is enjoyable and incredibly simple to do, all in one pot. The vibrant green color adds some freshness into your spring and summer, a much-welcomed change as the weather begins to brighten up. 

Asparagus, peas, and herbs are beginning to grow during the spring, making it the ideal time for you to try this vegan-friendly pasta dish.

You can make it within 20 minutes and the leftovers can be used for tomorrow’s lunch! 

11. Zingy Cilantro Cream Pasta

This pasta dish uses roasted tomatoes with paprika to give you an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Mix this with the zesty cilantro cream sauce and you have a multiple-dimensional dish that exceeds all expectations. 

The recipe comes with everything you need for a refreshing summer dinner. You can eat the pasta warm or cool depending on your preference and the temperature. 

12. Lentil Pasta

This lentil pasta recipe is one of the most nutritious meals on our list, and you can make it with some pasta and a few cans of lentils.

Make your dish with only one pot to minimize the cleanup process and maximize your evening. 

The recipe here is an excellent example of how you can make a few cheap ingredients into something amazing. 

13. Vegan Pumpkin Pasta

If the luminous color of this pasta doesn’t excite you and tempt you to try it for yourself, then we don’t know what will. This recipe is for lazy chefs who want to make their dinner within 20 minutes for a low price. 

The pumpkin offers a creamy and sweet flavor that is countered by the onion, garlic, and other spices. This dish has everything that a pumpkin lover wants, all for little effort, time, and money. 

14. Garlic Mushroom Spaghetti

Garlic is the best friend of all pasta dishes – what pasta recipe isn’t improved by some garlic? Pair this garlic spaghetti with mushrooms and you have a lovely meal for mushroom lovers everywhere. 

As mushrooms can be lacking in flavor, seasoning is really where you can make or break this dish. Garlic, chili flakes, and olive oil are all popular choices. 

15. Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Garlic Curls

Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Garlic Curls
Source: Vegan Richa

This pasta takes only 30 minutes to make with a creamy garlic sauce and sun-dried tomatoes to add a powerful flavor.

Not only that but there are also soy curls added which were soaked in vegetable broth before being roasted in garlic and black pepper. 

You can add or remove as many ingredients as you want from this recipe, tailoring the recipe to your personal taste. 

16 Black Kale Pesto Pasta

Pesto is always delicious on pasta, and it can be made from various vegetables, nuts, and spices.

This recipe tells you how to make a pesto dressing out of black kale, almonds, and extra virgin olive oil. 

This is considered a staple in Tuscan cuisine, so why don’t you find out what the big deal is by making it for yourself today? 

Vegan Pasta Recipes

Recipe by Matt Roberts

Not only are the following vegan pasta recipes all delicious and bound to spice up your mealtimes, but they’re also all vegan-friendly! 



  • Choose your preferred recipe.
  • Get the required ingredients.
  • Make your own vegan pasta recipe at home.


We hope that you have loved learning about all the new vegan pasta recipes there are for you to enjoy!

Try one and share it with your friends and family, as we can guarantee that you’ll have found everyone’s new favorite meal. 

The great thing about these foods is that you can customize them as much or as little as you want to suit the tastes of your family.

Don’t forget to come back and try another one, or maybe even all of them!