What To Serve With Chicken Kiev (12 Side Dishes)

This pastime special, consisting of a delectable chicken breast, a delightfully crunchy crust, and lashings of wholly delightful garlicky butter, is something your entire family will adore and want to eat again and again.

But if your problem is what to serve with Chicken kiev, then your place is by the side. Some absolutely amazing side dishes to serve with kiev are homemade chips, creamy spinach, steamed broccoli, coleslaw, and garlic bread, amongst others.

Let’s go further, shall we?

What To Serve With Chicken Kiev (12 Best Side Dishes)

Here are the best side dishes that you can take with a chicken kiev.

1. Mixed green salad 

A chicken kiev can be relatively rich and filling, so a soft and modest side dish is often more than enough. 

Keep things simple by putting together a side salad comprising some of your favorite veggies. 

Stirred green lettuce leaves, cucumber, tomato, carrot, cabbage, and celery all function well, especially during the relaxing summer. 

A squeezing of fresh lemon brings about an excellent dressing, and will guarantee that you’re enabling the garlic butter to be the actual star of the show. 

2. Mashed Potatoes 

If you admire an excellent carbohydrate-founded side dish, you can’t be mistaken when selecting mashed potatoes for what to serve with chicken kiev. 

The garlic butter will dissolve into the piping hot potatoes, ultimately relieving home-cooked food! 

You can use potatoes for a mash as they are inclined to develop a light and smooth taste, and you can decide to add a swirl of fresh cream.

Pour over some freshly minced chives for exhibition purposes or your valued go-to herbs. 

3. Homemade Chips

Chicken kiev and chips is a traditional combination that you’ll frequently see on the menu of traditional country pubs. 

The clue here is to confirm your chips are crunchy and golden on the outside, fluffy on the interior, and taken with plenty of salt and vinegar.

These are most adequate when prepared in an air fryer, though they can also be baked in the oven.

4. Creamy Spinach Fettuccine

This recipe comprises heavy cream and Parmesan cheese to give it a vibrant flavor.

It’s significant to stop using too much salt in this dish because of all the ingredients.

Spinach recipes can often be salty, so have some caution when spicing up this one.

A creamy spinach fettuccine is a decent protein, calcium, and iron source. It is also an excellent alternative for people who are dieting because it has insufficient calories.

It would be best if you cooked pasta following the package recommendations to make sleek spinach fettuccine.

Then, steam fresh spinach until soft and drip thoroughly. Put some light cream and garlic salt in a little pot over medium heat for the sauce.

Swirl until solidified and take out from the heat. Spill it over cooked pasta and take it with shredded parmesan cheese.

5. Cheesy Potatoes au Gratin

This side dish comprises numerous types of cheese, like cheddar and Parmesan, among others. It also has supplemented flour, which assists in giving it its light texture.

At the essence of this recipe is some incredibly cheesy goodness.

The potatoes are crispy on the surface, soft and buttery on the inner, and packed with melted cheese. Each nibble is a tiny portion of heaven.

6. Steamed Broccoli

Steamed broccoli is an outstanding option for any side dish because it’s so simple to prepare.

There’s nothing like the soft flavor of steamed broccoli to even out the vibrant, creamy excellence of baked chicken kiev. Veggies can withstand the cheese and butter in your chicken.

7. Coleslaw

It is an excellent side dish for a barbecue as it is radiant, exciting, and mixes well with several different kinds of meat.

Many people don’t take coleslaw because of the mayonnaise, but you can use a recipe that utilizes Greek yogurt rather than mayonnaise to obtain all the flavor without guilt.

Coleslaw is crunchy, delightful, and tangy.

You can take coleslaw on its own or with other foods, like lobster or shrimp.

You can even add crumbled bacon to the blend for an outstanding accompaniment to the sweetness of the coleslaw.

Coleslaw is also utilized in salads, tacos, and wraps.

8. Lemon Wild Rice

Citrus functions so well with both garlic and chicken. Lemon wild rice is excellent and is satisfying too. 

To prepare it, broil your wild rice according to the packet instructions. But bring in a spin. You can add a dash of lemon juice and scrape in the lemon’s zest. 

As the rice simmers in the pan, the zesty taste mixes with the rice. It also provides it with an absolutely lovely yellow tinge. 

While you do your job on this one, the scents from the kitchen are divine!

9. Braised Fennel with White Wine

Braised fennel is absolutely delightful, and no, I’m not just supporting the slang. I certainly mean it. 

Slow-braised fennel is easy to make and can be positioned in the oven along with your Kievs.

You’ll slice the fennel in half and put in a sprinkle of seasoning and a great splash of wine. Don’t drink the rest! 

Roll the fennel in tin foil in a small packet and leave it to do its stuff. It’s simple. 

If you wish for a unique expression, preserve the feathery edges of the fennel and use it as an ornament. 

10. Baked Broccoli With Walnuts

You wouldn’t like to thump your broccoli into the oven raw. Instead, give it little attention.

Simmer it first and let it steam dry. 

Then coat it in a mix of butter and lemon juice while it is still cozy. 

From there, toss it into the oven and warm until the ‘leaves’ of your little trees change slightly darker. 

Also, toast some walnuts in a pan before slicing and spraying over your broccoli.

11. Garlic Bread

If there’s one item that goes flawlessly with chicken Kiev, it’s garlic bread.

The best thing is that you may already have the elements around your kitchen. Bread is one of the tacks of any meal, but garlic bread takes things up to another level.

This garlicky bread will round out the flavors in your chicken kiev effectively.

You can prepare this by adding butter and minced garlic to some elegant breadcrumbs before baking it in the oven until golden brown.

12. Rice

It is better boiled but can also be simmered with some seasonings added.

Lemon juice and dill are suggested as they adequately complement the chicken and rice flavor.

There’s nothing like fluffy white rice to soak up any persisting juices from a chicken dish.

If you’re feeling generous, put a few taps of butter for additional flavor and softness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between chicken kiev and chicken cordon bleu?

Chicken Kiev is jammed with chilled butter, while Chicken Cordon Bleu is packed with ham and cheese.

How do I cook chicken Kiev without a leak?

Ensure the pre-made chicken Kiev has stayed in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before cooking.

Why is my chicken kiev still pink?

The USDA says that even thoroughly cooked poultry occasionally exhibits a pinkish tint in the meat and juices.

How do you stop garlic butter from coming out of kiev?

Put the four breasts between cling film and bash with a rolling pin to guarantee an even fillet. Redo the procedure with the smaller (baby) fillets.

Can chicken kiev give you food poisoning?

No, it is very unlikely.


Chicken Kiev is a definitive recipe that demands butter or margarine, fresh chicken breasts, and herbs. What to serve with chicken kiev? No worries.

Just spice up the chicken breasts, cram them with herbs, and put them in a pan of boiling water. Take with your option of sides from the ones I have listed, and you have yourself a tasty meal.