What To Serve With Kabobs At A Party

It’s really easy to get accurate matches with kabobs. Aside from salads, there are also some beautiful dishes you can serve together. So, are you on the lookout for what to serve with kabobs at a party? I have more than enough for you in this article.

Let’s get started. You can serve your kabobs with coconut rice, lemon rice pilaf, grilled corn, cheesy creamed corn, Mexican street corn, corn pudding, and lots more.

Ready to enjoy these new meals with friends and family? Let’s go!

What to Serve With Kabobs at a Party (14 Best Side Dishes)

1. Coconut Rice

A standard side dish that works excellently with kabobs is coconut rice. 

Delightful and straightforward to make, this original Hawaiin dish comprises only three unique ingredients. You can utilize coconut milk in place of water to improve the flavors.

Rice would be a little sticky and give off more aroma.

Put some sesame seeds at the top to render this meal appealing, and relish it with your kabobs right now!

2. Lemon Rice Pilaf

Lemon rice pilaf is also known as Greek lemon rice. 

The peculiar thing about it is that it is a combination of lemon juice, chicken broth, veggies, and some unique seasonings. This side dish is straightforward and easy for your dinner time.

Best taken hot, lemon rice pilaf is an ideal match for chilly days. 

This is why you’ll frequently see it as a companion dish for many meals in the fall. And when it’s served with kabobs, you’ll get such a fantastic meal that will leave your family breathless and speechless with awe.

3. Grilled Corn On The Cob

Another side dish you can serve with kabobs is grilled corn. 

It is a straightforward ingredient to put in meat-related recipes. Corn cobs are roasted and flavored with lime and coriander. 

These buttered corns will also go nicely with grilled meat, fish, or roasted veggies. What do you think about their tastes?

They have a light brownish color which is super impressive. They also have excellent, exotic flavors. Nonetheless, they also require some seasonings to maintain their salty, juicy, and spiciness.

4. Cheesy Creamed Corn

If you’re having a hectic weekend, attempt using this time-saving side dish. 

In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a cheesy, creamy, and tasty mixture with minor effort. Treating your belly to this delightful side dish is worth a try!

It’s also a really delicious choice of a side dish to place cheesy creamed corn next to kabobs. An excellent mix that your guests will adore.

5. Mexican Street Corn

This side dish will satisfy you with glamorous light, the hunger for grilled corn, and its tint. 

The Mexican-style street corn makes this dish unique: Smokey, creamy, buttery, and smallish sour flavors in between. A savory sauce is crucial to make this dish distinct.

6. Corn Pudding

A side dish for kabobs that is solely for pudding lovers is corn pudding

It is thick, smooth, buttery, and has custard-related components. An excellent match to present at a large table.

It also has a lasting aroma founded on nutmeg and vanilla extraction. Your kabobs will definitely become extraordinary when mixed with corn pudding.

7. Baked Sweet Potatoes

You are meant to consume baked sweet potatoes as a side dish. It is an excellent dish for the winter months.

The eye-catching and pleasant colors, exotic flavors, and smooth composition are some delightful things that will melt your heart at first sight. 

These potatoes will surely overshadow your dish, and your friends will cherish them mixed with grilled kabobs.

8. Salt And Vinegar Potatoes

These excellent salt and vinegar potatoes will create a wonderful side dish for every party. Salty, flavorful, crispy, and a bit sweet will satisfy your cravings for kabobs-related dishes.

Ensure your potatoes are golden on both sides and have sweetness inside the composition as well. Sprinkle in some apple cider vinegar if you want to make the flavors proportional.

9. Herbed Potato Salad

This Potato Salad is a variant of the standard french potato salads with no mayonnaise and lots of herbs.

Unlike conventional potato salads, this mayo-free yet a little creamy salad has lemon juice instead of vinegar which affords it a fresher and more delicious flavor.

This is definitely a crucial side dish with kabobs that everyone needs to try because it’s super simple and not mention flavorful.

10. Greek Pasta Salad

The super-easy-to-make Greek Pasta Salad is a great side dish that can be made ahead of time for any barbeque and kabobs.

A delicious assortment of soft pasta with sumptuous tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and cheese all combined in a Greek dressing creates an ideal, succulent side dish for any event.

You can also put in some grilled meat like chicken to give it a complete meal outlook rather than a side dish, although it will have its best taste with or without meat.

11. Apple Spinach Salad

Another simple and quick-to-make salad to serve with your kabobs is the apple spinach salad which can easily be mixed with your special add-ins. 

Raw ingredients like baby spinach, sliced apples, goat cheese or feta, dried cranberries, and sliced onions are thrown into the apple cider vinaigrette.

You can also put in some roasted nuts and other dried fruits with different kinds of cheese to create variables for this endlessly adjustable salad.

12. Rice Pilaf

Another rice side dish that goes nicely with kabobs is the Rice Pilaf which is modest, easy, flavorful, and allows your main course to shine.

Don’t forget to use long grain rice in order to achieve perfect rice pilaf every other time.

There is ample space for variations in this one, with the freedom to make additions like shallots, celery, carrots, and garlic to boost the flavor.

13. Chickpea Spiced Rice

Searching for a crave-able side dish that will function well with those delightful kabobs, your quest is finally complete with these highly flavored, spiced rice which is filled with shallots, dates, and crispy chickpeas.

An assortment of various spices like cumin, cinnamon, coriander, and cardamom affords it a nice warm flavor to go with your tender meat on those skewers.

14. Grilled Sweet Potatoes

The Kabob side dishes we have discussed so far were all rice dishes and salads, but we have a variant with sweet potatoes for the final one.

All you have to do here is cut up your sweet potatoes, throw them in with olive oil with a bit of seasoning and just roast them along with your kabobs to create a fast yet flavorsome side dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Goes Well With Steak Kabobs?

Steak kabobs pair well with everything you can think of. 

You can take them with all types of grilled veggies, baked or grilled potatoes, sweet potato fries, a side of rice and salad, or any of your favorite side dishes.

What Is The Difference Between Kebab And Kabob?

Kabob with a “Bob” is mainly used by people from countries like Iran or Armenia, whereas Kebab or Kabab (spelled with two “a “s) is used in Arabic-speaking countries such as Lebanon or Syria.

The difference is the name; they both refer to the same thing.

How Many Pounds Of Meat Do You Need For Kabobs?

1 1/2 pounds of top sirloin steak.

Is Stew Meat Good For Kabobs?

No, stew meat is not suitable for kabobs.

What Kind Of Meat Is Best For Shish Kabobs?

  • Fillet mignon (or beef tenderloin)
  • Sirloin
  • Chuck Steak


If you were confused about what to serve with kabobs at a party, I can bet that you are not anymore.

There are many options available, and you can make your pick.

Thank you for reading!