Can You Freeze Pork Pie With Egg? (Yes, Here’s How)

If you know traditional British dishes, then you possibly know pork pie. Pork pie is one of the classic British dishes. This dish is distinctive and often makes a lot of food for one meal.

Most likely, if you prepare a pork pie for dinner, you will have leftovers to deal with. It’s the leftovers that get chaotic because you have to address everything with such attention. 

What do you make with your leftover pork pie? What if it isn’t even a leftover? Can you freeze pork pie with egg? Excellent news! Yes, you can freeze pork pies. It’s all about having them appropriately dressed. If you get your pork pie readied just right, you can freeze it for up to 4 months. 

Can You Freeze Pork Pie With Egg?

Yes, you can freeze pork pie with egg, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind to maintain the quality and safety of the dish.

  1. Quality: Freezing may alter the texture and taste of the pork pie to some extent. The pastry might become a bit soggy upon thawing, and the egg filling could lose some of its original texture. However, if you’re freezing it for later consumption, these changes might not be very noticeable or significant.
  2. Safety: Make sure the pork pie is cooked thoroughly before freezing. Bacteria can still multiply at temperatures slightly above freezing, so you want to ensure that any potential pathogens are eliminated during the cooking process.
  3. Packaging: Proper packaging is crucial to prevent freezer burn and maintain the quality of the pork pie. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to minimize air exposure. You can also place it in an airtight container or a resealable freezer bag.
  4. Thawing and Reheating: When you’re ready to eat the frozen pork pie, transfer it from the freezer to the refrigerator to thaw slowly. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria and maintains the texture better than rapid thawing. Once thawed, you can reheat the pork pie in a preheated oven at a moderate temperature until it’s heated through. This might help improve the texture of the pastry and egg filling.

Remember that freezing and thawing might result in some loss of quality, particularly in terms of texture. If maintaining the original texture is crucial to you, it might be worth considering whether freezing is the best option or if it would be better to consume the pork pie fresh.

Making Sure Your Pork Pie Is Safe To Freeze

Pork pies should be saved in the refrigerator, consumed within 3 days of opening, and within the ‘use by date.’ That is the situation for homemade pies as well.

When concluding whether to freeze your pork pie, don’t forget that it is often the best option to freeze it as soon as possible after making your purchase. 

Ensure to obey any instructions on the pack as some shop-bought pork pies are not adequate for home freezing. If you feel you want to freeze some of your pork pie with the egg, follow the steps I have discussed below as soon as you can.

Prepare Pork Pies For The Freezer

Thinking ahead is always a great idea when refrigerating pork pies, particularly if you’re freezing a big pie.

I find cutting the pork pie into easy individual pieces to be helpful. This way, when you wish to defrost, you can just take out what you want. 

If they are little pork pies, then there is no necessity to cut them up.

Once you’re set to get the pork pies into the freezer, begin by carefully draping each pie or slice in parchment or baking paper. Then put in a tin foil coating, and ensure this phase is tightly tied and latched to reduce the danger of freezer burn.

You can now place your dressed pies into freezer-safe bags or freezer-safe containers. I like to utilize a container, if I have one of a good size, as this halts the pies from getting mashed in the freezer.

Ensure to tag your bag or container with the time and contents to avoid confusion later on.

Container To Freeze Pork Pies

Any freezer-safe plate or bag will do just fine for stocking your pork pies.

Be certain to follow the steps I discussed above and roll your pies well before placing them into your chosen container. 

This certainly assists in keeping the pies at their best, as it halts them from being endangered to too much vapor, which will render the pastry more inclined to get soggy.

How To Store And Freeze Pork Pies

Reserving your pork pies once they are perfect isn’t actually difficult. If you are stocking them in the fridge, you should fasten them in parchment paper and put them into a closed container.

You can stock your pork pie in the fridge for around 5 days. 

If you’re not going to eat or use these pork pies within 5 days, you should contemplate freezing them. They are simple to freeze and hold for many months in the freezer.

You can even prepare a large batch of distinctive pork pies and yank them out of the freezer one at a time when you’re ready for them. 

Here are your guidelines for freezing pork pies. 

I suggest a triple wrapping cycle for your pork pies to best conserve their quality. Begin by fastening the pork pie in a modest coating of parchment or freezer paper. 

When you have the first wrapping sheet, fasten the pork pies in a layer of aluminum foil to seal them well and conserve the crust and jelly well. 

By now, you have 2 coatings wrapping around your pork pies. Now put the double-wrapped pies into either a heavy-duty freezer sack or an airtight container. 

You can reserve pork pies in the freezer for up to 4 months when you adhere to these steps consecutively. 

Freezing pork pies is remarkably simple. Yes, they are frozen with 3 coverings of protection, but it’s still an easy process. 

Using Pork Pies After Freezing

Since pork pies are taken either chilled or at room temperature, utilizing them after freezing is also relatively easy. You will want to enable enough time for it to defrost. 

Here are your points to note for using pork pie after refrigerating it. 

Take out your pork pie(s) from the freezer.

Take it out also from its exterior protective coating, which should be an airtight compartment or a freezer bag. 

Allow the pork pie to be wrapped in paper and foil while melting. 

Put the draped pork pies on a plate and let them defrost in the fridge for about 24 hours. 

Remove it from the fridge and open it roughly an hour before serving pork pie. Let it sit at room temperature for up to 1 hour before serving for the most excellent flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Freeze Pork Pies?

Always confirm that the pies have been frozen fresh and within the initial use-by date. When well-wrapped and appropriately frozen, pork pies will hold up to five months in the freezer.

Can You Get Food Poisoning From Pork Pies?

A prevalent bacteria that can be seen in poorly stored meat pies is Staphylococcus aureus which can induce vomiting, abdominal spasms, and diarrhea.

Should Pork Pies Be Eaten Hot Or Cold?

This pie is modeled to be eaten cold.

What Is The Best Way To Serve Pork Pies?

 A pickle, sauce, or condiment is a modest accompaniment to a pork pie.

What Goes Well With Pork Pie?


Pork pies originate from the British. It’s a traditional meal from that side of the world, and it’s very much like it sounds. 

Pork pie is a pie packed with several kinds of pork and pork fat. Of course, it’s a bit more than that, but this gives you a general idea. 

Can you freeze pork pie with egg? Absolutely, you can.

Thank you for reading!